Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reply To My Favorite Guys From One Of My Favorite Blogs (Very Smart Brothas): Hands In The Concrete: 6 Surefire Ways To Impress A WoMan!

I'm pretty much a blog fanatic theses days and I absolutely love the blog site Very Smart Brothas (they actually are pretty smart...i know SHOCKER!); while visiting the site I ran across a post entitled: Hands In The Concrete: 6 Surefire Ways To Impress A Man, so I felt it was only right, that I create a reply to this post this time giving 6 Surefire Ways To Impress A Woman! Fellas take notes!

1. Compliment her on any changes she's done to herself or hows she looking that day. We love and live for this, 9 times out of 10 we make these changes for you and to get your attention anyway.
Nothing is like a nice compliment every now and then, it goes far...and who knows maybe it can get you further too...if you know what I mean! lol Food for thought!

2. Listen to the latest scoop we have to spill and most importantly...Give us your opinion! And I'm not talking about "man that's messed up, don't worry about it, i told you to stay away from her she's trouble!" None of that guys, tell us what you would actually do if you were in that situation. Now I know, by now you're think I'm trying to turn you into a SIMP/PUNK/FLAKE, but that not the case, sometimes we need to vent to you and hearing your point of view makes a difference in whether we're gonna slap that trick or walk away...naw really it just makes us feel good to know that you are actually listening to us and have formed an opinion on the subject.

3. Buy us something that you notice or heard us say we need. This is a sure way to still the deal, for one it shows us that you pay attention to our wants and needs, and second it shows that you pay attention to our wants and, it shows that you want us to have what we desire, and you don't want us to do without something that would be instrumental in our lives. If you do this, trust you're a sure keeper!

4. Open the freakin doors, pull out the chair, and walk us to our car, door, or where ever we going alone. These are all cliché, but if you do these things, you in there. No woman wants to do these things for herself or by herself if you are there and are physically able to do them. By doing these things, it shows us that your are willing to take care and protect us. It shows us that you give a da*mn! (Yet, so many don't and wonder why we never give them any play...)

5. Call (or text...we are in a smart phone generation) to say I'm just thinking about you...SIMPLY PUT! This is the CHEAPEST, most REWARDING way to win us over. There's nothing like a sweet phone call or message from a guys saying you were on his mind, and that you were on his mind so much that he had to call or text you to tell you so! (enuff said!)

6. Dress to IMPRESS!!! Yes it does matter what you look like on the outside, and let me tell you str8 up and right now, there is absolutely nothing worst than a guy with the following: dirty/busted shoes, wrinkled clothes, stained clothes, or clothes that are too da*mn big for you...and in some cases clothes that are too da*mn small (you know the Smeedium aka young shirts and the skinny jeans so tight they should be outlawed). Fellas for some reason you guys have lost interest in caring about your appearance, and dressing in your age bracket. Yes, I said it, dress your da*mn many times have i seen an older gentleman (pushing 40) rocking LRG and Roca Wear, baby let it go, you shouldn't even know what LRG is because when it came out you were probably 30+; somebody really should have found this brotha a Brooks Brothers button down, i mean really. WOW...I've really gotten off subject. Okay Nah...(that was for you XO) TO THE POINT...Women love men who can dress to the nines, that shows us that you care about your appearance and how you are being per trade by us. So next time fellas you're in department store and you're reaching for that BAPE (who wears that anymore anyway) do us women a favor and walk your azz over to the Polo section and take a chance at life! ;-)

Love, Peace, and Hairgrease (Luster Pink Oil Moisturizer)

~MiRrOr MiRrOr~
I'm always open for more thoughts and comments, if I forgot anything please let me know! My Comment box is dying for attention! Oh yeah, shouts out to the very entertaining and tell it like it is bloggers at VERY SMART BROTHAS, check them out:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Wendy Williams Show: Low Budget, But I Kind of Like It!!!

How You Dooooooing! lol I thought that would be a great start to this article/blog! The Wendy Williams Show has been on every da*mn channel for the last couples of weeks, and I must first I thought it was daytime talkshow meets loud mouth dragqueen...but shockingly, and I mean SHOCKINGLY, I find myself laughing and commenting back at the TV while watching it. Could this be, am I a fan of this joke of a talkshow?!?! To my surprise I think I am, granted I don't set my alarm clock to watch it every night, or get off the phone in mid-convo with my bestfriend or mom to watch it (like I do for Tiny and Toya...great show!) but, the show is an attention grabber.
The only issue I have, and its really not an issue, but is it me or does it seem like the question and answer segment is staged...i mean, is america that stupid with some of the question they have? The other night I was watching and this girl asked Wendy how could she get her parents to stop treating her like a child and let her live her life as adult(as far as coming home late)...well, Wendy got straight to the point: Do you still live with your parents? and the girl said yes!(I would have embarrassing on national tv) Duhhhhhhh, ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE...your parents will continue to monitor your going and comings as long as you're in their home...and it didn't help that the girl looked every bit of 35 year old! That was only one example of what type of garbage you will hear. But all in all Wendy's guest are pretty up to date (I mean, no F-listers in my opinion.) And I do have to give it to the girl, when she say she is having "such in such" come sing better believe they will be singing LIVE. I caught it one night and Jeremih was on there doing his new single "Birthday Sex", and he didn't have a backup track to the first, it was almost like he was singing TOO LIVE, shower singing live, roadtrip singing live, your mama waking you up out your sleep to sing in front of company live I could go on and on! But anywho, maybe the show is so new, the don't have the money to get the right audio equipment... if thats the case, it totally showed.
All in all, its a pretty entertaining show, I don't recommend it being the last thing you watch before you get some shut eye, (unless you want to have a dream involving drag queens) but, if you want a good laugh its worth the watch!

Love, Peace, and Hairgrease! (Dudley)

~mIrRor MiRrOr~

Friday, July 17, 2009

Top 5 List of: Whatever Happen Too's...???

For some reason I came up with the "GRAND" idea to make list of random people, items and whatever else that came through my mind, of WHAT EVER HAPPEN TOO's. I hope you like it... wrote a song about it...wanna hear, here it go...

5. RANCH FLAVORED FRITOS: oh, yes I did! I know I'm not the only one who remembers those. When I tell you I have tried everything from writing the Lays and Fritos company, (only to receive an nice email, stating they do not accept recipe suggestions from the public...i rude!) to asking the vending machine man to put in a word at the office...Something must be done!

4. THE GROUP CALLED "MUSICAL YOUTH": you know the guys who sungs "Pass The Dutchie To the Left Hand Side"...Man, I use to love that da!mn song when I was a lil girl. (wait a minute...was I trying to tell my parents something, that maybe in the future I would have a substance abuse issue!Thank GOD I made that out to be a lie!) For those whom are lose just look at this youtube video and you will know what I'm talking about (some of ya'll slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter): ENJOY!!! (Oh yeah, burn some incense, and put a towel under the door!)

3. SURGE SODA:I'm not too surprise that this has disappeared from the face of the earth. I mean, I know yall remember the evil rumor about this soda's ability to shrink females breast...IIIIII knowwwwwww (that was for you Sherri and major SHOCKER for some of you. In my personal opinion maybe they should have kept it around as an antidote for all theses hormones they're putting in these chickens making these young girls (and some guys...i mean, I'm just saying...) bodies develop so fast.

Talk about things that make you go hmmmmmm...

2. I was gonna say Tevin Campbell, but too late...BET spoiled that one for us! lol..but anywho...

How about Lil Richie from Family Matters?!?: Where is that kid, he didn't have too many lines but he sure could dance his a$z off (with that baby mullet/juices and berries hair he Gosh, I hope he didn't turn to the pipe or follow lil Judy's (she was the other girl on the show (not Laura!) that was only on there for a hot second, and always had them dumb a$z lines!) footsteps and do adult films and became a drug addict!

1. Drum roll plzzzzzz... KFC DELIVERY SERVICE:Remember their jingle: Call 203-3333 delivery from KFC, Hot chicken dinners for your family, call 203-3333. (don't worry I got the sound bite!)

My parents would never let me call and order chicken, I guess something didn't sit right with them about chicken in a bucket being dropped off at our house. But you gotta give it to KFC that was convenience at its finest... Unfortunately, it didn't last long, they couldn't figure a way to keep the chicken warm! Hmmmmm.... Who woulda thought, that was the reason it was ended.

***Well that concludes my top five, surely, I've forgotten a lot more. PTB'ers if you have any, please (by all mean...most certainly...who am I to say no...) add them in your comments, I'm just dying to see what my PTB community has come up with!

Love, peace, and Hairgrease (BlueMagic)

~MiRrOr MiRrOr~