Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Wendy Williams Show: Low Budget, But I Kind of Like It!!!

How You Dooooooing! lol I thought that would be a great start to this article/blog! The Wendy Williams Show has been on every da*mn channel for the last couples of weeks, and I must first I thought it was daytime talkshow meets loud mouth dragqueen...but shockingly, and I mean SHOCKINGLY, I find myself laughing and commenting back at the TV while watching it. Could this be, am I a fan of this joke of a talkshow?!?! To my surprise I think I am, granted I don't set my alarm clock to watch it every night, or get off the phone in mid-convo with my bestfriend or mom to watch it (like I do for Tiny and Toya...great show!) but, the show is an attention grabber.
The only issue I have, and its really not an issue, but is it me or does it seem like the question and answer segment is staged...i mean, is america that stupid with some of the question they have? The other night I was watching and this girl asked Wendy how could she get her parents to stop treating her like a child and let her live her life as adult(as far as coming home late)...well, Wendy got straight to the point: Do you still live with your parents? and the girl said yes!(I would have embarrassing on national tv) Duhhhhhhh, ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE...your parents will continue to monitor your going and comings as long as you're in their home...and it didn't help that the girl looked every bit of 35 year old! That was only one example of what type of garbage you will hear. But all in all Wendy's guest are pretty up to date (I mean, no F-listers in my opinion.) And I do have to give it to the girl, when she say she is having "such in such" come sing better believe they will be singing LIVE. I caught it one night and Jeremih was on there doing his new single "Birthday Sex", and he didn't have a backup track to the first, it was almost like he was singing TOO LIVE, shower singing live, roadtrip singing live, your mama waking you up out your sleep to sing in front of company live I could go on and on! But anywho, maybe the show is so new, the don't have the money to get the right audio equipment... if thats the case, it totally showed.
All in all, its a pretty entertaining show, I don't recommend it being the last thing you watch before you get some shut eye, (unless you want to have a dream involving drag queens) but, if you want a good laugh its worth the watch!

Love, Peace, and Hairgrease! (Dudley)

~mIrRor MiRrOr~

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