Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Am I Single: Top 6 Reason I CHOOSE To Roll Solo-Dolo

I often get asked by people, mostly men...Why are you single...then followed by, Okay, Whats wrong with you? Now, ain't that some BULL! Why does it have to be something wrong with me because I'm single. I think these days a lot of women and men for the most part are single because it means a drama free life, and the ability to do as you please....Do as you please? SKERRRRRRRRRRR (*flooring the brakes*)...You grown, shouldn't you be able to do as you please whether you are in a relationship or not?! Let me stop that's a whole nother post. Any who, I'm about to give you the run down of why I choose to be single...LETS GO!!!

6. No One Has Caught My Eye/Heart

I have dated, and its cool, but the little flame I have managed to develop for the guy(s) somehow manages to put itself out. You know in the beginning of any relationship or what I like to call it "DATINGSHIP" things are always grand, they pull out all the stops...flowers, nice dinners, low key chill spots, etc. Then when they get "COMFORTABLE" all that stuff stops "EXPEDITIOUSLY" (shouts out to Mr Clark: Lean On Me! lol) The wining and dining is no more. So UNTIL I find someone whom can be straight up from the jump, and not just do these things to impress me or can maintain these GRAND things that is done in his introduction of himself to me, ANDDDD is/has become my TRUE/BEST friend, but if not, then I will FOREVER be a "SINGLE LADY" (Now, Put Ya Hands UP!)

5. You Get A Chance To Meet A Lot Of New People (Guys)

Though recently, I've become more comfortable with dating, I have found it to be fun. It has allowed me to be more open with others as well as myself. In the beginning I was very selective of whom I allowed my time (and don't get me wrong, I still am, but I have lighten up a tad bit), and now I tend to give guys whom I wouldn't normally give a chance in HELL an opportunity to visit Mirror~Mirror's World. lol I deserve an award for that b/c I've given away far to many free admission tickets to some undeserving jerks, but, hey...if I didn't I would never know what I like and don't like. So, being single DEFINITELY gives you an opportunity to explore what you like and don't like, what you can take, and can not take, and most importantly WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE LOOKING FOR in that special someone! And, my list ain't no JOKE! (i mean its not a list of impossible standards, but I know my worth and each day continuing to learning more about my worth, so whomever he you are, you are gonna have to come "wit" it!) *snaps fingers*

4. Stress~FREE+ Drama~FREE+ Mood swing~FREE = "BEAUTIFUL BLISS" (shouts out Wale)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcmpJX_FSFw I like this song....take a listen!

Being single means I can chill and not have to worry about dealing with some foolishness. Its crazy how us single people can associate a relationship with drama (RELATIONSHIP=DRAMA)...I know I just ruffled a few feathers with that one, but its the truth, but b4 you exit my page please read on...BABY, LET ME EXPLAIN...LOL
There are a lot of bitter people out there in the Datingship World, and it primarily due to soar ending relationships, therefore, they associate being in a relationship very stressful. But, I am one to say that this is not necessarily the proper way to look at things, GRANTED, if you are not in a relationship or if you are in an HEALTHY relationship, your stress level is way lower than being in a crappy one. Duhhhh, we all know that right. But, lets take it to another level, when your'e single you don't have to worry about anyone elses feelings, or am I being rude, or all that other crap that you deal with in a relationship... look at it as an OPPORTUNITY for once in your life to live and be selfish...with no regrets.

3. NO Obligations

You ain't my man, I ain't obligated to do, attend, or say NOTHING! lol Right now, that's my attitude! (ugh, I can't believe I just quoted Trina...ahhh mess!)
Why tie yourself up or into something that you know has a dead end. I like to think of myself as a "realist", one whom looks at things at face value, so with that being said, I don't look unless ima buy, I don't obligate myself to nothing I know I'm not gonna invest the proper time in. (okay, I'm getting off subject...) When your single you are not responsible for the normal duties of a girlfriend or boyfriend. Examples: attending work events, listening to all the nagging about how their neighbors disrespect them, etc. (reference back to #4)

2. Not Up For The Games

Far too many games are being played in this world call Love, and frankly, I ain't the one for them. I have taken into consideration that there is a possible chance that its just that guys my age are not mature enough to handle a real relationship and I should try older men. DONE THAT, same results, make it so bad they are worst, b/c they are just getting out of a long term relationship is only looking for a good time. (sorry, i ain't gonna be able to do it bruh...NEXT!) The games are what frustrates me the most, I mean it can single handily turn you off completely when it comes to dating. Thankfully, I am in recovery from my overdose of games, and I'm trying to think optimistic about things. (We Shall See!)

1. I Don't Think I'm Honestly Ready To Be In A Relationship

The worst thing you can do is to give in and do something you don't want to do or you know is wrong. I think we have all fallen victim to this, I know I have, and the outcome is FUDGED UP! As I've spent these last 2 years and some months single I have really done some self evaluations trying to determine if I'm ready. I have gone through so much in my love life, that I can admit had altered the way I think of love. So, until I can whole heartily say I can be fair and selfless i refuse to get involved in a relationship where I would only end up hurting the other party or vice versa, they would end up hurting me. You have to be ready to be in a relationship and ready to accept all that comes with it, and right now I know I'm not, so I choose to be true to myself and learn me, before I can allow someone else too. REAL TALK!

***So, Ladies and Gentlemen don't let anyone make you think something is wrong with you b/c you choose to remain single. Now, these are my reason...and not everyone will agree with them, and that's cool, but like I said they are MINE, and this is how I choose to live my life. You have to determine how you want to live you life not anyone else, and when you do your life will be so much more happier, and who knows, there might be some room for a relationship down the road, but let that decision be on you, not b/c of the thoughts of others. You don't need anyone to complete you, you should already be complete as a person before you enter a relationship, that other person should merely be an ADDITION to your happiness. Yo, I could go on and on, but ima stop...Until we blog again! Peace!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Most ANNOYING Songs Ever

Music makes the world go round (according to Westside Connections, Gangstas do but anywho...) and without it personally I don't know what I would do. Its been there for me through bad breakups (shouts out to Kanye West's 808 Heartbreak), through good time and etc. But lets be honest there are a few songs that we all could have done WITHOUT! So let the countdown begin... *this is in no particular order....they are ALL annoying!*

10. Gucci Mane: Ima Dog
I mean REALLY Gucci Mane, REALLY...was it even neccessary to even make this song!

9. Rihanna: Umberalla
The homemade echos just says it all, I mean she has made it her trademark and duty to repeat some crazy a$$ sound in everyone of her d#mn songs.

(But, Rude Boy is on point! I'm diggin that one!)

*Rihanna, Ima need my check for all these plugs I've been giving you!*

8. Nelly: Hot In Herre
For some reason this song annoys the crap out of me! Recently, I visited a bowling alley for a lil fun with a friend, and this song came on along with a bunch of other "Rump Shaking" songs, and not only did it get on my nerves it threw my game off...WTF was that all about!

7. Jay Sean: Baby Are You Down

Who is this kid? Enough said!

6. Pleasure P: Boyfriend #2/Under
This fool gets two songs on the list...just because I find him annoying PERIOD! I consider him our generation Keith Sweat, and the whining does nothing for me, but make me want some cheese! (lol...that was a joke...wine a cheese...okay nevermind!)

5. FloRida: Low (Apple Bottom Jeans)

I promise if I hear that song ONE MO F*(^$%@# TIME *in my Pinky from Next Friday voice* Ima go LOCO homes! For some reason this is like "THE" White Girl song of the existence of earth. It don't matter where you at, if that song come on, OH! the white girls gone dance...and dance HARD! LOL

4. Trey Songz: Invented S%x
Now, I know ima make a lot of people made at me for this one, but I can't stand this song. For one its STUPID, AND secondly, its ANNOYING! Seriously, his voice is whack and it sounds like he has a vibator stuck in his throat. But, he is cute. (That was for you Sera!) lol

3. Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On

WHACK! This song got way to much hype and play...Im not much a ballet fan so maybe thats why this song annoyed the daylights out of me! lol

2. Lady Gaga: Poker Face

Now, I love Lady Gaga like everyone else but I could have done without Poker Face. This song just had my nerves. Ugh!

1. Beyonce: Put A Ring On It
Everyone whom is near and dear to me knows that I ABSOULUTELY LOVE Beyonce (hell, at times I think I am her!) but this song is very d*mn annoying. I'm over it and you should be too. *The Video/Dance was GREAT!*

*Bonus* Soulja Boy: Yah, Yah, Yah!
They had to be smoking some SERIOUS herb when they created this dumba$$ song. That is all!

Well, that concludes my list, but I know I left some out, so feel free to list yours in the comment box...this should be very interesting!

~MiRrOr MiRrOr~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Light-Skin ~VS~ Dark-Skin...When Will It End?

You know as a people, I thought we were sooooo over this, but as I've gotten into the dating world, Im noticing that this issue is a lot bigger than I thought they were. What I mean by this is, many African Americans males and females, are becoming more vocal than ever on what complexion preference they have. I think the straw that broke the camels back for me on this issue was seeing the video blog and hearing all the talk on Wale's "Pretty Girl" music video, expressing the issue that he ONLY had light skinned i.e. very fair complexed, Purto Rician, and bi-racial(black and white), and white women in his video,therefore, portraying that you have to be lightskinnd to be considered pretty.

Surely, after viewing the blogs and discussing this among friends I was just dying to see this music video, I had to see with my own eyes what all the hype was about. So, one Sunday after church, I was channel surfing and low and behold just coming on was Wale's "NEW" music video "Pretty Girls"... www.prefixmag.com/media/wale/pretty-girls-video/37293/
As soon as it came on what do I see (already bias, from all the hype) a half naked very lightskinned girl laying on the floor....only to be followed by more lightskinned women, BUT WAIT, WAIT, WAIT...I all of a sudden seen a splash of color, it was a brown skinned young lady on the screen, she actually got a lil burn time in the video, but real talk, it was MAJORITY lightskinned women. So once the video went off, I sat and thought about what I just saw, and as usual it just roll off my back, b/c its nothing new to see a music video with only lightskinned women in it...its just the way it is..ESPECIALLY in rap videos...hell they even have verses talking about how a "REDBONE" (slang for a lightskinned woman) is the best thing popping. Its very sad that our men have idolized such an idea.

But back to Mr. Wale...a friend of mine just recently gave me a copy (which took him like forever to do...but I'm not gonna take it there!) of Wale's CD called "Attention Deficit" which in my option is one of the dopest album I've heard in a very longtime....very long time! Well, the day I got it, I listen to it start through, and even went back and replayed songs that i was really digging. Well, I ran across a song called "Shades" and being the observant person I am, i pay close attention to detail and in this case lyrics; www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfMNJPwP_nI
and the songs comes on and Wale is speaking about his childhood and how he never felt like he fit in because of the color of his, because he was darkskinned and was the son of immagrants (he is Nigerian), then he even goes deeper saying how he use to put lightskinned people on pedestal, thinking they were more classy,that they had life easier,and his anger towards them (I hate to say "them"...saying it to prove a point not to divide), and how darker women never make it on the tube. SKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRTTTTTTT....*coming to a complete stop*...wait just one dang on minute...well, if you feel or felt (b/c he says he doesn't have those insecurities anymore) that way do you continue to participate in the stereotype of what is consider a beauty and representation of a black women in the entertainment world. Now, with such a strong statement as that, by no means am I trying to come down on Wale, b/c obviously he didn't think it was a big deal about the selection of women he had in his new video, which on some levels is understandable, but my point is it would be nice if he as an artist step in and say I would like to have all representation of of women PERIOD in my video titled "Pretty Girls". IJS! And I'm done with talking about Wale....

Back to the subject at hand...this lightskin and darkskin crap has gotten out of hand, it sadden me that we as a people have gone BACK to ways that were created to cause division between us. The only reason some people embrace their lighter skin back in the day was to pass as white to escape slavery, now we have adopted the ignorant "Brown Paper Bag" test to determine where we stand in society. This is sick, disturbing, and very ignorant. Granted, everyone is entitled to their preference, but it becomes an issue when you attach an stereotype to a complexion, that's when your preference and opinion has gone too far. Its 2010 and still such ignorance exist; I could go on and on about this subject, but at the end it all boils down to this very last sentence... learn to love one another for our hearts not our outside appearances, never allow ignorant stereotypes make you miss out on an amazing person. We were all created to be different and to learn from one another, race, and complexion should never be a reason to avoid someone.

I am dying to know how you feel on this subject...please feel free to comment!

Top 7 Best Movie Moments...EVER!!!

Films, Movies, Flicks...whatever you wanna call em, all make us laugh, cry, and even fall asleep. Being the GREAT person that I am, I figure this would make a fun, yet humorous read, so I decided to come up with (Please See Title) the Top 7 Best Movie Moments...EVER (in no particular order) . So without further adue...OH LETS DOOOOOOOO IT...lol (I gotta do better!)

7. The Color Purple

"Until you do right by me, everything you think about is gonna crumble!"
Woooooooooo! Its something about the way she say that, that gives me CHILLS...AND besides the fact that she is holding a knife up to Mr.'s throat! (Which I ain't mad at...that Mr. was a Low Down Ole Musty DOG!) lol 3 Claps for Celie in this scene..clap, clap, clap!

6. Coming To America
"Give it up for my band, Sexual Chocolate..." *foot stomp* "Sexual Chocolate!"
*drop mic exit stage left*

Til this day I can not watch this scene without bursting out into an uncontrollable laugh! Eddie Murphy know he did his thang with this one. Off subject: WTH is a Miss Black Awareness Pageant? lol (look at the podium flyer says Black Week! lol)

5. Harlem Nights
"Are you saying I'm stealing?" (a few colorful words are missing...its was a bit to much for me to post...rent the movie! lol) "Me and you got to step out back."

The FAMOUS pinkytoe shoot out fight. This scene is one of many funny scenes in this movie. Quick tried to tell Vera to back off, but like a woman she kept on mouthing off. But, I must say Vera had that REACH on her, she wore Quick behind slap out. lol (oh, and lets not forget about the shot out with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, and the lil man that kept shooting that lil pistol after they finished shooting machine guns...rotflmao!)

4. Step Brothers

I couldn't even quote this one, just watch it and prepare to wet your pants! "This is how we do it! Shah nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!" lol

3. The Wedding Singer"That's cause I'm the best guitar player in the wooorld! Yeaah! Self taught, no lessons. Thank you very much, Pop! ..."

LOL! This was one of many funny moment of this movie. There's nothing more funnier than to watch a drunk person have a COMPLETE come apart in public...WHILE giving a toast to the couple. Not only did he tell all of his brother's (the groom) secrets of infidelity, but he aired all his family's dirty laundry out...PURE COMEDY! If you haven't seen this movie...where have you been in LIFE?

2. The Hangover

"Who's baby is this? I don't know, check the collar or something!"

I recently, finally rented this movie (per Red Box), and was extremely satisfied with my rental. This movie was very funny. One of my favorites part of the movie was when they found the baby and name the poor child Carlos. And I was just rolling when they stole the police car and had Carlos in the backseat with a seat belt on with no car seat...too funny!

1. Mike Epps Funny Bidness
Just watch it! I laughed so hard I got sick!


As usual, I know I left some out GREAT ones out....please feel free to comment and add your favs.
Love, Peace, AND Hairgrease...(Olive Oil)