Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Most ANNOYING Songs Ever

Music makes the world go round (according to Westside Connections, Gangstas do but anywho...) and without it personally I don't know what I would do. Its been there for me through bad breakups (shouts out to Kanye West's 808 Heartbreak), through good time and etc. But lets be honest there are a few songs that we all could have done WITHOUT! So let the countdown begin... *this is in no particular order....they are ALL annoying!*

10. Gucci Mane: Ima Dog
I mean REALLY Gucci Mane, REALLY...was it even neccessary to even make this song!

9. Rihanna: Umberalla
The homemade echos just says it all, I mean she has made it her trademark and duty to repeat some crazy a$$ sound in everyone of her d#mn songs.

(But, Rude Boy is on point! I'm diggin that one!)

*Rihanna, Ima need my check for all these plugs I've been giving you!*

8. Nelly: Hot In Herre
For some reason this song annoys the crap out of me! Recently, I visited a bowling alley for a lil fun with a friend, and this song came on along with a bunch of other "Rump Shaking" songs, and not only did it get on my nerves it threw my game off...WTF was that all about!

7. Jay Sean: Baby Are You Down

Who is this kid? Enough said!

6. Pleasure P: Boyfriend #2/Under
This fool gets two songs on the list...just because I find him annoying PERIOD! I consider him our generation Keith Sweat, and the whining does nothing for me, but make me want some cheese! (lol...that was a a cheese...okay nevermind!)

5. FloRida: Low (Apple Bottom Jeans)

I promise if I hear that song ONE MO F*(^$%@# TIME *in my Pinky from Next Friday voice* Ima go LOCO homes! For some reason this is like "THE" White Girl song of the existence of earth. It don't matter where you at, if that song come on, OH! the white girls gone dance...and dance HARD! LOL

4. Trey Songz: Invented S%x
Now, I know ima make a lot of people made at me for this one, but I can't stand this song. For one its STUPID, AND secondly, its ANNOYING! Seriously, his voice is whack and it sounds like he has a vibator stuck in his throat. But, he is cute. (That was for you Sera!) lol

3. Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On

WHACK! This song got way to much hype and play...Im not much a ballet fan so maybe thats why this song annoyed the daylights out of me! lol

2. Lady Gaga: Poker Face

Now, I love Lady Gaga like everyone else but I could have done without Poker Face. This song just had my nerves. Ugh!

1. Beyonce: Put A Ring On It
Everyone whom is near and dear to me knows that I ABSOULUTELY LOVE Beyonce (hell, at times I think I am her!) but this song is very d*mn annoying. I'm over it and you should be too. *The Video/Dance was GREAT!*

*Bonus* Soulja Boy: Yah, Yah, Yah!
They had to be smoking some SERIOUS herb when they created this dumba$$ song. That is all!

Well, that concludes my list, but I know I left some out, so feel free to list yours in the comment box...this should be very interesting!

~MiRrOr MiRrOr~

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