Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Run Sista Run: 6 Type Of Guys You Should Run For Dear Life If You Encounter

Once again this blog is called Per The Blog, and what I do from time to time is respond to other peoples blogs using my own opinions based on things I've been through and what my friends and I have discussed. While blog surfing I ran across a blog listing the type of women you should avoid, well you know I likes to hold it down for the ladies and decided to ruffle some feathers with this one...enjoy!

6. Mr. I Got Plenty Money (sure you do, but its to bad everything penny you own is in your hand in that rubber band you just pulled out to show off.)

This drives me crazy, for some strange reason guys and its not just younger guys, like to pull out wads of money to show off. Ladies have you ever been on a dinner date and when it was time to pay for the meal your date pulls out a grip of money in front of you (trying to show off, and it is sooooo obvious!) to pay for the meal. I never understood the purpose of that, whatever happen to a debit card, put that money in the bank, and if you like to have cash on you that's fine, but do you really need your whole pay check in your pocket? I mean really, come on!

5. Mr. I Just Want to Chill and Enjoy Life (but when will that involve you growing up?)

Ladies if you are looking for a serious relationship, honey this is not the guy for you! This is the type of guy who wants to live in the moment, and doesn't want to commit to a certain type of cereal let alone you. He's the type that ones Tina on Tuesday, Wykeshia on Wednesday, Teresa on Thursday and so on, he has no objective to be with one person. Chill=be with you when I want to be with you. Enjoy Life= if you give "it" to me, ima take and ENJOY IT! lol

4. Mr. Mama's Boy (i ain't ya mama...and will never be)

I know, some of you are like DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I know to avoid a mama's boy, but 9 times out of 10 you the one who dating or in a relationship with one. Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us. This is the type of dude who call to get his mommy's opinion for everything. Or, he has to have his cornbread just like mama make cause nobody make cornbread like mama...before you know it you will find yourself smoking a pack of squares a day. You can't compete with mama!

3. Mr. GQ x 10 to the 12th Power + 10k = (DISASTER)

Nothings wrong with a well dressed fellow, I must admit that's the first thing I notice but, I have to draw the line when the dude shop more than me. (and I ain't no amateur when it come to shopping!) First of all there is nothing worst than a guy who stay in the mirror, takes more time to get ready, and thinks he is cuter than the girl he is dating. Your guy should not be in competition with you. If so, I suggest you test his sugar, b/c he might be a gay-a-betic!

2. Mr. Can I Come Over Your House, Even Though I Just Met You Last Night (enough said)

First of all, never allow a guy over to your house that you just met, if he ask for a date, meet him at the location you guys decide to go. If a guy expresses extreme desire to come to your house as soon as you meet, take this as a warning sign. He has a motive and it ain't to watch tv on your outdated 19 inch tv either. Your home is where you lay your head down at night, its the most personal, most private places you can bring someone, it's an expression of you and your life, why waste it on someone who you're not too sure will even be around next week. Keep 'em out your house!

1. Mr. Pressure (right now, right away, quick fast and in a hurry: Instant Love)

Theses type of guys are the worse kind, you can't even get to know each other because he is to busy trying to make you his wife before you even agreed to be his girlfriend. Knowing what you want is cool, but you can't pressure a person to want what you want, when you want it. Some women think that this would be there ideal guy, b/c he is wanting to put a ring on it fast, but ladies if this occurs you gotta snap out of paradise and think to yourself, okay whats the deal...ain't no woman that good (to have a man wanting her down the aisle in 1 month...either he want a greencard, he trying to get on before tax time so he can claim some of your kids as dependents, or he need somewhere to stay. (isn't that crazy, a man will go as far as to marry a women to have somewhere to stay..smh) Anywho, if you find yourself being pressured in a relationship, try to discuss it with him or get out!

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