Thursday, May 27, 2010

Looking For, Searching For, Waiting For Mr. Right...

People always say, don't look for a man, just sit back and let him come to you...well I think I have sat back for so long that I have lost feeling in my a$$. I have always been a young lady who has gone after things I waited, but when it came to the relationship department, I never seem to have had much opportunity to do so...because I have always had a boyfriend (same guy...I might add, thank you very much!) So, now that I'm single (2+ years, but who's counting) I have found myself physically drainned from this whole new world I've entered (or should I day thrown in). Yeah, I've dated, and met some interesting people, yeah I've dated guys that I would normally not fall for, and that was an experience too, but I'm starting to wonder when will the dating madness end, am I that difficult/demanding that I can't seem to just solidly click with someone. Luckly from conversations with other female (all proud memebers of the Research Dept) I am indeed not the only one experiencing this issues.

While speaking to these ladies I have discovered that there are just some guys out there that seriously suffer from some personal issues and will never establish a healthly relationship with ANYONE until these issues are corrected. Recently, I as well as the several memebers of the Research Dept. have been experiencing what I like to call the following:

Game Boy, Minute Man, Rude Boy, and of course The Stan. See definitions of these titles below...

Game Boy (n/adj) : young men or should I say boys whom like to think of themselves as men that are all about (you guessed it!) GAMES! They put on this face or personality of a well put together male, who ultimately end up being a major disappointment.

Minute Man (n/adj) : (this is not what you think...just nasty) a guy who can only provide just A Minute of his time, and one he is no longer interested or it turns out be no be what he thought or bargined for, he is out of the picture and you life in minutes.

Rude Boy (n/adj/v) : this is your bad boy, you know the one that is a little rough around the edges. You gotta watch what you say and do around him because anything can be taken the wrong way. *Has not home training/can't take him no damn where!

The Stan:(n/adj) : He's your coat tail rider, your Networker, only thing is he is using your network and not his own. New generation Scrub. Can also be associated with the term stalker in some cases.

Now that we have properly defined this type of men, ladies take this as a warning and if you at any point find yourself in the presence of any of these kind of men/boys...politely excuse yourself and go wash your naw, RUN LIKE HELL GIRL! SERIOUSLY!

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